Last Friday, I have to do some government transaction and need the copy of my id card. Unfortunately, they need he back side as well.

On the back side of my id card was occupied by my wife’s photo sticker since when the sticker machine was very boom. I cannot take it out for sure, the glue was already molten to the card. Usually I can survived this because the private company transaction need only the front side of id card. T.T

When the messenger arrived the government office and the officers saw it. They called all the people in their department to look at my copy of id card and keep laughing on it… lol. Unfortunately, They said I cannot use that one to do the transaction, and have to come back again on Monday.

So, I have to cut a piece of paper to cover the photo sticker and make a copy again. There is no complain today, then I suppose that it’s working now. 😛