Happy Birthday 2009

Wow.. such an active year. There are many things happened in this year, new company, wife’s pregnant, and music life. I guess there are even more in next year lol.

My last birthday as a son

So, yesterday is my birthday, this is the last birthday that I can celebrate as a son of a family. Next year my role will change to be a father!!! There will be more responsibility than before. We will learn to be a parents, and we will learn how our parents nurtured us since we were child, educated us, until we get married. And even we get married, and give birth to their grandchild, we still need out parents support lol. I’m really looking for the day to take care them back, but I think I still need help from them for now.

My first year of my company

Since I was young. My father runs his own company, I think he expected me to continue his business. After 6 years I was working with this company. Some people may said I’m a lucky guy that no need to hunt a job. I would say I’m lucky that I can work as much as I can and all benefit come to our own company. I had a lot of good working experience as a service engineer which not easy to find in the other place. Anyway, now I feel like I lack of skills and abilities to manage this business, even I worked for 6 years already. I know very few of overview of Plastic Processing, Flexible Packaging Business, Market Situation, Customer relationship, etc.

If somebody asked me what do I know? yeah I know what I like! Computer and IT stuffs, Beginning of this year, Boat my friend asked me to join him to open the new company, we are doing the web development and all web-based applications. Hey, why not? This is my good chance to learn by myself, on what I like and really can do by myself.

The other point of view, in the view of family, is it not good? to expand the family business to other branch. I do believe that this new company will support each other of our family businesses.

My Joomla web development

Since 2006, I started to learn about linux server and virtualization, at that time the purpose was for support my father’s customer. But that’s the beginning of my web developing life again. I started to manage webserver, network server. Then I was learning the CMS, at that time I choose Joomla! 1.0 to be my main focus.

I was doing Joomla! alone for few years, there are not so many local resources for Joomla in Thailand at that time. Most of the web sites in Thailand still based on Mambo (and many of them still stuck with Mambo until now). There was UTF-8 migration issue at that time, and there was some problem on Joomla Thai Edition conflict with Joomla International. So I keep focus only on International resources and abandon Thai communities.

This year Barcamp 2009, Thanks to P’Menn (@iMenn) to introduced me to P’ Bung (@joomlacorner). That’s the beginning of my Joomla! life again. Even by business aspect, I’m his competitor, but P’Bung, P’Menn, P’Pat still support us a lot about useful information. Thanks to all Marvelic engine and Tiger Idea, at least we are living in the same ECO system.

Now P’ Bung is still supporting me to be able to stand in Open Source Business, of course, In the Open Source Community as well. I will do my best to contribute our Community, Hail OSEDA!

My Musical Life has come back

I was married last year, my wedding theme was a wedding in concert, I invited many friends from CU Band and musicians, including P’ Patchara (@iPattt). At the beginning I didn’t think that this would change my musical life to be active again. We know each other since studying in Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University. He is my senior, when I was 1st year, he’s already 4rd year. We were playing in the intania music club.

My impression was the day I bought New T-Square Tape Album, I think it’s Gravity Album. He asked me what I’m listening, and I told him. He just asked me whether can he buy it from me or not? lol… Okies we share the same favor.

Anyway, I have no chance to play with him, because I was playing with @kijjaz and he has his own band. We were participated CU Music Award #2 and his band (together with @Muzikbank) won and my band got 3rd position.

We still know each other just because his younger sister, Karn is senior of Noon (@drnoon) at Siriraj Medical School. Karn also joined the music competition with my band twice. She is a good keyboard player as well. But I didn’t contact him much. He is still legendary piano player in my mind.

I have chance to contact him again from what reason I do not remember, but I was looking for web development company for car.meedee.net, fortunately P’ Pat was running Tiger Idea already at that time. lol… I would not talk about what happen with that project. But let say we have chance to keep contact again.

Back to my wedding, he joined my wedding. I joined his sister’s wedding. and I joined his wedding in March 2009, as a drummer. I took my drums to his wedding, I met @iNattt, and @iChattt we played together at the 1st time. Such a nice atmosphere and that’s the beginning of all nasty things lol. Then the real event that we began to play together again was Barcamp Bangkok 2009 in May, lead by Kijjaz.

This the beginning when I joined wawee, more and more people come, then become iHear Band. Hey, finally my music life has come back!

Happy New Year 2010