Regarding Barcamp Bangkok 3. There are so many geeks and a lot of very interesting activities, so ignite my inspiration to move on this technological world.

Then sexdrum also wolud like to join my identity to www.sexdrum.net with WordPress which strong as Diamond!

WordPress v.s. Joomla

Honestly, as I’m much more familiar with Joomla backend than WordPress. But I think I really fall in love to new WordPress Backend interfacesince a first look. All the usability to manage just a blog is really fantastic. Everything I need, is fully ajax integrated in a single page. No need to jump around the menus to make related tasks. This version 2.7.x is much better than my last use of version 2.6.x. With iMenn’s Theme, it makes me manage the appearance super fast! Thanks a lot for iMenn and the Theme…