Glittering Unicorns in Mystique Theme

My WordPress Got Hacked in April Fool Day!!! I just update my plugins regularly before writing a new post. Suddenly, the bloody glittering unicorns appear on my screen!!!

How can my site got hacked!!! I chose my extensions very carefully… later on I just realized that today is April Fool Day, so I search in the google where is the glittering unicorn came from? I looked the coding by firebug and this little bloody unicorn came from Cornify. And my post title cannot be changed except this bloody title “I hate it when there’s a tiger in my bathroom”. When I finished my post, and want to press Publish button, my Publish button is running away!!!

It more looks like a well prepared fools in April Fool Day more than a hack. But it very crazy when I’m in a hurry to update my post before go to sleep T.T All this crazy things came from my lovely Mystique Theme by original Author.

Update: How to Fix

There are few posts to describe the solution how to send these unicorns back home. Anyway, I also look in functions.php, even you do nothing, these unicorns will disappear after April Fool Day. But if you really need to post a blog today. Search the line below and comment it.


// some fun :)
if(date('m-d', current_time('timestamp', true)) == '04-01') add_action('admin_footer', 'mystique_a1');

Change to

// some fun :)
//if(date('m-d', current_time('timestamp', true)) == '04-01') add_action('admin_footer', 'mystique_a1');